Les Cotils 'Andrew Mitchell Library' incorporating the 'Deanery Library'

This ecumenical Library was originally set up as a facility of Les Cotils Christian Centre in 2000 to provide a resource for those seeking information about Christianity, and also some devotional and recreational reading for retreat and holiday visitors. This was made possible through a generous donation from the Andrew Mitchell Christian Charitable Trust, which gave the library its name.

In 2002, books from the Anglican Deanery Library, then housed at the Prialx Library, were amalgamated with Les Cotils collection, greatly increasing the theological and scripture study sections. These have continued to grow with funding from the Deanery, Churches Together in Guernsey and many other generous donors.

There has also been expansion of the spiritual and devotional sections and a section for Youth (teaching) and Drama.

The library now numbers well over 6,000 books.